Thursday, March 30, 2006

So what am I going to do about it......and other tales of a simpler life!

It has been a while since my last post and you are probably wondering what I have been doing lately reflectioon to my last comments?
I do feel like I have had a culinary epiphany of sorts, one that seems to have taken me back to my roots. This week I have started making cheese in ernest after sourcing some raw milk. I have also made a sourdough starter for bread which is currently bubbling away nicely in the corner(that is something I haven't done myself in years, relying on commercial yeast to cover my lack of planning!) I have done a lot of research into free range and organic meats available in my area and I am very excited about Bills Butcher in Belgrave who stock almost solely organic meats and do a great deal of their own smoking which is fantastic and it's not overly expensive. I am exploring the world of sprouted grains(apparently sprouting makes the grains easier to digest and the nutrients contained within easier to absorb)It seems that most of what I am discovering are not new ways of treating food, but very old ways, its funny how we think we have made so many advancements in technology and yet we don't always make life better, infact often its quite the opposite we make it more complicated in so many ways.
I don't think it is that strange to want to know where your food is coming from...while we are becoming more interested in artisan products we rarely ask questions about the origins and treatment of those goods and while somethings I love to source from overseas, there are some things that we just shouldn't. I enjoy eating seasonally it gives contrasting flavour and feel to the culinary year and yet there are still many people who want strawberries all year round and therefore source from big chain supermarkets and consequently have probably never tasted a good strawberry....
Growing things yourself is the obvious answer to ensure quality and taste and the purest of treatent, but obviously that is not always possible, so thats where farmers markets come in to it and roadside stalls, get to know who grows and rises what in your area, it will be quite an education. There is a certain amount of pride taken in knowing where the food your eating is from and one that I consequeently find myself raving to others about...
Change doesn't have to be big to be significant.....
and p.s.blueberries are a nutrional giant and they taste brilliant too - bonus!


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