Sunday, January 29, 2006

Food for all welcomes you all.....

Hi, I am fairly new to the world of blogging, but I am not new to the world of food!There are some fantastic food blogs out there and while I feel a little strange talking about myself and the food ventures around me I am also very excited about connecting with likeminded people out there. The basis of my blog will be the journal of my culinary challenge. This culinary challenge entails spending a week eating food from a particular country for every meal of that week. I set up this challenge for myself for a couple of reasons; firstly because I found it intruiging that when we explore the food of other countries we mostly ignore the foods they traditionally eat for breakfast or sometimes even lunch, our experience is focused on dinner, I wanted to explore much deeper then that...I also wanted to challenge myself to eat the same kind of food for that long because we live in the luxury of eating Indonesian one meal, Italian the next etc. I also though it would be a great way to source out new ingredients, recipes and restaurants. I also want to use this blog to discuss other food issues that may arise along the way, hopefully some generated by some people out there! Thats what it is all about isn't it!


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