Thursday, March 09, 2006

We are what we eat, but are we what we think, feel and act...

I have been watching the most amazing Dvd over the past few days and it has really got me thinking...the Dvd is called Food s Medicine and it is about an American man called Jerry Brunetti. It is not an unusual scenario... he developed cancer and was given 6 months to live if he didn't undergo 30 aggressive cemotherapy treatments, he chose to fight the cancer nutrionally and completely rid himself of the cancer. It wasn't the information on nutrition and the benefits of certain foods that blew me away but more his attitude to the world, our bodies and our the western approach to medicine... this man just makes so much sense! His background was in natural treatments and supplements in agricultural and lifestyle management, so he did have a headsup when he questioned the doctors about the type of chemicals they would giving him during the chemo..truly disturbing...but Brunetti's min point I think is that we are too eager to give away our power when it comes to modern medicine rarely question a doctor's advice or asessing what we put into our bodies and expect to get out of them. Do we just expect someone else to fix things for us or do we really beleive doctor's are gods and have all the answers? Nothing that Jerry says is really that new to me, but he encapsulated it so well, even those of us who are fairly aware can become complacent sometimes...
Lets not...Let's support awareness about good food and good living for ourselves and others out there doing the same


Blogger violet said...

i think this is a wonderful entry.

i got into food through my excitement over organic foods and ive always been one of those people who heavily connects food with how our bodies function as well as with nourishing and supporting the world around us. i haven't seen this dvd, but i love inspiring pieces that hold this view of food.

12:57 PM

Blogger Pippa said...

Dear Violet,

I am glad that this posting reached you in some way sometimes it feels like I am writing into a void, so its nice to know that I am not and that there are others out there who have similar ideas about the world and food....Keep reading for further updates what I am actually doing to remedy these problems in my own world!


7:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pippa, you are a gem!!

I work with Pippa, and I must say her web site is modest to her conviction & total dedication to food. She is an asset to the importance of sustainable living when it comes to ffod & what her world of food holds to her every day.

Pippa, you make such a difference to so many people when it comes to food & your conviction, every day I work with you I see amazing dedication & honest respect to what you believe in.

It is obvious to me that you eat well, because what you think & feel is truely inspiring


2:13 AM


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